Saturday, May 6, 2017

it's not about me.

My dearest friend's husband died this week after a brief illness. Rather, after a few months of mysterious, worsening symptoms, he was diagnosed with cancer and died ten or so days later. It was a shock and yet not a shock, but yes, a shock. My friend is heartbroken. I can do nothing for her.

Another friend's longtime partner/boyfriend/etc up and left this week. He was a hoarder, and his hoarding was at least part of the reason for his leaving. My friend, who would never ask anyone for anything unless she really, really needed it, asked her friends to help clean up/dispose of decades' worth of junk and trash so the city won't fine her. Today about a half-dozen of us went to her house and carried, shoveled, broke down, swept, dragged several truckloads of crap. It felt like picking through the life of someone who had died. I thought about their life together (which I know almost nothing about) and wondered how my friend felt about it all. I thought about my other friend whose husband just died.

None of this is about me, but I am incredibly sad.

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